Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And Then Somehow... THIS Happened

Jason Smith is the grinning bald guy seen here in the middle at a recent Mortified show. The other people are awesome, too. But more on them in a sec.

Once upon a time, Jason was a starry-eyed Minnesotan teenager who wrote a short script inspired by the cinematic gem that is Days of Thunder with the hopes of it someday attracting Hollywood names. Years later, the adult Jason realized his script actually sucked-- pretty hard in fact-- and decided to do a reading of it in Mortified. Not ones to let him down, we decided to fulfill his younger self's dreams.

So we secretly invited a few of our very favorite actors to join Jason (not an actor) in a live reading of his teenage racetrack masterpiece 500 Miles to Indy.

And amazingly, they agreed. Behold, the Mortified Community Players featuring (from left to right) James Denton, Curtis Armstrong, Kevin McDonald, Elijah Wood and Busy Philipps. And yes, we are just as confused as you.

Adding to the fun, we decided not to promote this (or any of the night's many surprises) ahead of time. Our way of giving our fans a treat, thanking them for 4 years of fantastic support.

The result was a surreal experience for Jason, for us, and presumably anyone else who is a total spaz for Kids in the Hall, Freaks & Geeks, Better Off Dead, Desp. Housewives or things involving Hobbits.

More info on the rest of this event, its other fun surprises, and why Neil Katcher is such an awesome producing partner who I totally forgot thank on stage because I am a schmuck, coming soon.

Mortified Does a Hit of E

Greetings. Mortified's how-to-be-an-amateur-press-whore tour continues. E!
included Mortified on tonight's Daily 10 in their 411 section.

It will air:

-Tuesday Dec 19 @ 730pm and 1130pm
-Wednesday Dec 20 @ 830am and 1230pm

No interviews or clips as far as I know... but it's a good plug & repeats
several times. Thought I'd share the fun.

If you live in St. Louis, listen to KMOX next week too. Onion AV Club also ran a very nice piece on Mortified too that is online. We hope to have our press clip page finally updated in Jan 2007. But for now, enjoy these makeshift updates.