Monday, August 30, 2010

Become Part of the Mortified Concert Film

BIG NEWS. Mortified is making a concert film... & you can get involved. Help bring Mortified from stage to screen.  Find out how you can make it happen, as well as have your own childhood photo appear in the film. More news to come.
Mortified Concert Film - Banner

Monday, April 19, 2010

Debut Single from The Mortified After School Orchestra!

We are proud to announce that The Mortified After School Orchestra, the houseband for the LA chapter of our stage show, has just released their first official single online. An orchestral version of Thriller.

Check it out here on iTunes or CD Baby.

Congrats to band leaders Gordon Bash and Adam Smith for all their hard work arranging various tubas, cellos, accordions, trombones and more. Full credit list includes: Matthew Steer, Mark Beltzman, Renee Albert, Alison Sawyer, Kirsten Gronfield, Alex Burke, Anne Jensen, Adam Smith,Gordon Bash,
Andrew Glazier, Zoe Jarman, Nicholas Forbes, Jamie Adams, Jamey Schrick, Nikki Shorts, Jordan Katz, Rich Ramberg, Ethel Lung & Adam Busch.

To see The Mortified After School Orchestra live, attend one of our LA shows (NEXT SHOW SOON). Tickets:

Or attend one of our Austin shows, too, as we recently formed a second incarnation of The Mortified After School Orchestra in that city!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey Hey Hey Belding!

Imagine being trapped in a trippy, nightmare version of your favorite childhood sitcom. Watch this video long enough and you will start to freak out regardless of sleep deprivation or pharmaceutical influence.

As good a reason as any for kids to say no to drugs.

For a less maddening source of amusement, we hope to see you at the next show.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Floppy Disk Flashback: Police Quest

Our favorite memory of the Police Quest video game series was how, right in the middle of a tense action sequence, you had to stop and insert one of eight floppy disks.

While such interruptions were frustrating, they only added to the overall suspense. We still get chills when we hear the theme.

Relive Police Quest here: