Thursday, July 20, 2006

This American Life TV Show Taping

So This American Life has a TV show coming to Showtime in 2007. And they will be taping part of our July 26 Mortified NYC show. The segment will feature Mortified's favorite former debaucherer Sascha Rothchild reading the same super-slutty journals that appeared on their NPR radio show a few years ago. In fact, this same exact journal (plus lots more) will be featured in our upcoming book, Mortified: Real Words Real People Real Pathetic. True tales. Ripped from the pages of real life.

As usual, the event already sold out however there will likely be space for those who want to take their chances @ the door. As addeded incentive, we will have 3 performers from our LA show performing in NYC this month. Beyond Sascha, there's David Nadelberg reading a poem that recently won the coveted title during Mortified's popular Bad Teen Poetry Slam segment in San Fan, where the audience votes for the very worst. But much much better is the holy-shit-hilarious camping journals of Masha Tivyan. Her piece is among our all time favorites. A truly fascinating piece.

Speaking of the west coast, THIS SUNDAY we will doing a FREE (and somewhat more family friendly) mini version of Mortifed at the San Fran Theater Festival. Our first ever outdoor show.

On the Chicago front, we're quietly venue shopping. Any takers? We've found some amazingly strong cast members with some wonderfully lame material for our midwest debut. Very excited to finally share their stuff.

Newsweek gets Mortified

A while back, we got a call from the nice people at Newsweek saying they wantred to do a piece on Mortified. We replied with something totally mature like "Um, really? Awesome!" The cool thing is that the germ for the story came from one of our die hard fans in LA telling a friend who told friend etc. who happened to be a reporter.

Flash forward: Newsweek just ran the story. We've posted a copy to our website's media section if you want to see. However, if you own a print copy, we can be identified as the story that is not about dead people, starving people or exploding buildings.

And as a clarification, the story also refers to a few other similar-minded shows in a manner that made them sound like they are produced by Mortified. Since a few people have asked, nope, we're not connected. We are the largest and longest running show of its kind. Hope that helps.

Anyway, the fact that this story came about as a direct result of our fans (and not our team's hustling) shows us just how awesome grassroots projects can truly be.

We are forever grateful to our amazing supporters and this is a great example. We hope to continue 'sharing the shame'. You guys rock.