Friday, September 26, 2008

NBC's Last Call gets Mortified

NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly was nice enough to invite me on their TV show recently to discuss Mortified. Having never done a late night talk show before, I was pretty damn psyched. It's somewhat rare for late night TV talk shows to interview non-political authors, let alone people who curate anthologies (or whatever the hell it is that I do). I give Last Call credit for being one of the few TV shows that consistently lays out the welcome mat to emerging artists and oddball media, especially considering that they could just as easily book some daytime soap actor instead.

Luckily, the interview went smooth, Carson was super effusive, and best of all, I was able to give on-air love to people who are such a huge part of our collective project-- Mortified: Love Is a Battlefield cover girl Kim Lombardini, LA contributor Leonard Hyman, and San Fran contributor Laurent Martini (AKA: Live Evil).

For a peek at Mortified's late night fun, we hope you will watch the video.

And if you missed the full episode, be sure to check out the other guest, Bo Burnham. A very talented guy.

- Dave