Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Great Moments in Music Video Pretentiousness: Kate Bush

I've always had a secret thing for 1980s female electro-folk performance artists like Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, Jane Siberry, and yes, even kinda Grace Jones.

But the reality is, for every great song these artists mustered up... there were a whole lot more that were, well, ridiculous. And it's because of my admiration for Ms. Bush that I proudly share the following exercise in historic music video pretentiousness.

Thanks to Underwired for the initial memory jog.

Thanks to Kate for also making many songs (You're the One, Rocket Man, This Woman's Work, etc) that most certainly did not creep my shit out.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How Can I Tell If I'm Really In Love?

Are you in love? I mean, are you really in love? Sure, you make think you know. But how can you be positive?

Ask Ted Danson and the Bateman sibs, that's how.

See? Mystery solved.

For more amazing advice on adolescent romance, check out Mortified: Love Is a Battlefield.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Geeks Gather to Celebrate AngstGiving

Got friends in the media? Here's our press release for our big Mortified AngstGiving project. Feel free to spread word!

Geeks Gather for Mortified's Global AngstGiving Benefit

Comedy Show Mounts Massive Charity Concerts in Nine Cities Worldwide

LOS ANGELES (November 1, 2007) -- Eleven shows, nine cities, two continents, and sixty-five brave adults "share the shame" of their youth to benefit the kids of today.

Marking the biggest event in its five-year existence, acclaimed stage show Mortified celebrates the season of togetherness with Mortified AngstGiving, a global gathering of recovering geeks. From DC to LA to Sweden, the massive month-long series of comedic concerts will donate proceeds to 826 National, a youth education program.

Mortified-- the grassroots comedy collective devoted to exposing embarrassing childhood writings and art-- spent months gathering material for the AngstGiving event. From horrifying heavy metal lyrics to closeted gay journals to harrowing hippie poetry, each discovery captures what makes our lives both unique and universal.

In addition to raising money for charity, the event marks the long-awaited debuts of new Mortified productions in Austin, DC, and Portland (Oregon), as well as its first ever non-English speaking production in Sweden. These join Mortified's already popular chapters in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Boston.

Learn more about Mortified at


Date: Tue., November 06, 2007
City: Washington, DC
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: HR-57

Date: Wed., November 07, 2007 (Encore)
City: Washington, DC
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: HR-57

Wed., November 14, 2007
City: Los Angeles, CA
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: King King

Date: Fri., November 16, 2007
City: Austin, TX
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: ColdTowne Theater

Date: Fri., November 16, 2007
City: San Francisco, CA
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Makeout Room

Date: Sat., November 17, 2007 (Encore)
City: San Francisco, CA
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Makeout Room

Date: Saturday, Nov 17, 2007
City: Portland, OR
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Someday Lounge

Date: Wed, November 28th
City: Chicago, IL
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Green Mill Jazz Lounge

Date: Wed. December 5, 2007
City: Boston, MA
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Paradise Lounge

Date: Wed. December 5, 2007
City: Malmo, Sweden
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: Klubben

Date: Thurs., December 13, 2007
City: New York City, NY
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: The Tank

Ripped from the pages of real life... Mortified is a comic excavation of adolescent artifacts-- old letters, lyrics, journals, poems, home movies, stories and more. Hailed a "cultural phenomenon" by Newsweek and celebrated by the likes of This American Life, The Today Show, Weekly, Esquire, Jane, Daily Candy and more... Mortified celebrates ordinary people and the extraordinary things they created as kids. There are amazing stories buried in the pages of people's lives. Our mission is to simply help find them. The largest and longest-running project of its kind, Mortified produces stage shows, books, and web content. Its latest book, the romantically challenged Mortified: Love Is a Battlefield, hits stores this January. Share the shame at

This year's exclusive recipient is 826 National, an amazing nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students, ages 6-18, with expository and creative writing at seven locations across the country. Co-founded by author Dave Eggers and educator Ninive Calegari, their mission is based on the understanding that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention, and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success. Learn more about 826's work at

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Do List

One of our favorite projects to emerge in recent years is Sasha Cagen's To Do List project.

It is now a book. And we suggest you check it out.

In keeping with Mortified, Found, PostSecert, Passive Aggressive Notes, Overheard, This American Life, etc... Cagen's book celebrates the world of the overlooked and seemingly mundane, letting them serve as unique and captivating windows into who we are.

We think you will like it.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Are You There God? It's Me, Mortified.

Big thanks to the one and only Judy Blume for making a Mortified milestone.

As many of you know, we've long listed Ms. Blume as the "official patron saint of Mortified". In part, this is because of the influential and progressive work she's done in the world of young adult lit. But it is also because her presence (references to her name or work) looms over many of the old journals, notebooks, and letters submitted by Mortified's contributors raised in the 70s, 80s and even 90s.

So naturally, it was huge thrill to discover the reverse-- that Judy Blume actually wrote about us in her journal. We can think of no more fitting or surreal honor. What began as a simple bit of fanmail many years ago... has grown into a pretty damn unique and surprising friendship. So reading her entry meant a lot.

And yes, we've been pretty much spazzing out like preteen girls in a Judy Blume novel ever since.

By the way, she has a new children's book out, and we highly suggest buying it for someone much shorter than you.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fat Broke & Horny - NYC

Watch Mortified alum Mark Phinney premiere his pilot...

Fat Broke & Horny

New York TV Festival
Sat Sept 8th at 3:45pm
New World Stages - manattan, 340 w. 50th

You will laugh and stuff.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Last Chance: Mortified Portland Like Totally Wants You

Fresh from DC and Austin, we're just putting the final touches on our list of readers we're scheduled to meet with for Mortified Portland.

Want to be part of the fun?

Request a screening session now and share your most embarrassing childhood letters, lyrics, journals, poetry, art, novellas, comics, home movies and more. We look forward to hearing the very best of your very worst. So if you or a friend are curious, our screening sessions are very casual and fun. Contact us to arrange a session, as we'd love to meet.

Want to know more about our process? Sweet. Just read our Casting FAQ. See you soon!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Wanna see a cool stage in LA with lots of great Mortified alums? Don't want to wait until next month's LA show?

Check out Raised in Captivity starring Kirsten Gronfield and Matt Berck. Avery Schreiber Theatre. Runs through Sept 1 Fridays and Saturday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Psst! New Post Secret Video

Remember a few years ago when Secret antiperspirant ripped off with an ad campaign? No? Good. Hopefully the video below will continue to induce said amnesia.

Our friend Frank, who runs the always inspiring Post Secret project, just completed a new video that we think is pretty damn cool. Since Mortified and Post Secret are sorta in the same creative universes (or is that universi?), we figured you might get a kick out of it, too.

In addition to being cool, it's also a great example of the ways in which grassroots projects like ours are using technology in innovative ways to spread the good word. Which, to scrappy organizations like ours, is just as inspiring as the content itself. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mortified Alum On Onion TV

In case you didn't know it yet, The Onion has started doing online videos. Even cooler, Julie Brister, one of Mortified's most popular readers in LA & NYC appears in several of these videos.

Since The Onion's AV Club has covered Mortified several times over the years, and since we love Julie, we thought we'd share one of the clips.

In The Know: The U.S. Moat


Friday, April 20, 2007

Mortified + This American Life TV = Now Playing

It finally aired and we hope you liked it. The people at This American Life (on both radio and tv) have been supportive of Mortified for many many years now, and I'm thrilled that their foray into tv has proven to be such a success for them.

In the meantime, here's a mini clip of Sascha Rothchild... who was nice enough to feed a small gathering of people crackers, cheese and Shrek-colored m&ms last night as we watched the airing after work. I wondered what the teenage Sascha would have thought of that.

Mortified as seen on This American Life TV.

Some fans may notice that the full tv clip is a bit shorter than our original radio or stage versions (including the version that appears on TAL's greatest hits CD). But I am happy to say, it still captures the same astonishing portrait of reckless youth at its best/worst. Sascha's piece has long been one of my favorite little excavations to present because it celebrates the range of emotion I love to explore in Mortified-- material that is funny, provocative, disturbing, sincere and sad all at once. For those who express concern about what happened to her, I'm proud to say she not only grew up to be healthy and adjusted, but also a great friend who serves delicious m&ms.

I hope you'll tune in.

- Dave

Friday, January 26, 2007

Now Casting! Whip It Out, Sucka!

Did you know Mortified is always looking for new faces to help share the shame on stage? Well, we are. So tell your most fearless friends!

Mortified is revving up for a big ol' casting blitz. While we're looking for new faces to join the fun anywhere... we're sending out an extra special APB to our friends in BOSTON + CHICAGO. We have tons of fans attending our events in these cities but we're in need of a new infusion (especially dudes) of performers.

- Did you write crappy rap/rock lyrics?
- Did you wretched poems?
- How about meldoramatic scripts or short stories?

Whip out your worst childhood words (journals, poems, lyrics, stories, scripts, letters) and submit a request at the URL below. Open casting-- any race, gender, profession, age, shoe size, balding status, etc.

You are guaranteed to play to an always a supportive and always soldout crowd. And yes, if you live in LA or NYC too, we need you too.


In fact, we recently overhauled our whole site and just re-launched the casting page today with MUCH more helpful info about our strange little process. Check it out. See you soon.

Your friends at,


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Mortified NYC Moves to Makor

New year. New digs. Same strange show. Come see Mortified NYC christen its spankin new locale JAN 10 or else, well, we'll be sad and forced to write melodramatic poems about how much we miss you.

WHAT: Mortified NY
WHEN: Wednesday, January 10, 2007
TIME: 8:00 PM
VENUE: Makor Theater
ADDRESS: 35 West 67th Street (Steinhardt Center), 10023


Featuring ultra pathetic crap by!!!!
Shawn Hollenbach (poem, essay)
Poppi Kramer (wild sex teen diary)
Margot Leitman (diary)
Laurie Sandell (college app essay)
Toni Leonard (self rigteous diaries)
Boni Joi (love poems)
Hayley Downs (religious journals)
Liz Black (travel journal)

See you there!