Monday, April 19, 2010

Debut Single from The Mortified After School Orchestra!

We are proud to announce that The Mortified After School Orchestra, the houseband for the LA chapter of our stage show, has just released their first official single online. An orchestral version of Thriller.

Check it out here on iTunes or CD Baby.

Congrats to band leaders Gordon Bash and Adam Smith for all their hard work arranging various tubas, cellos, accordions, trombones and more. Full credit list includes: Matthew Steer, Mark Beltzman, Renee Albert, Alison Sawyer, Kirsten Gronfield, Alex Burke, Anne Jensen, Adam Smith,Gordon Bash,
Andrew Glazier, Zoe Jarman, Nicholas Forbes, Jamie Adams, Jamey Schrick, Nikki Shorts, Jordan Katz, Rich Ramberg, Ethel Lung & Adam Busch.

To see The Mortified After School Orchestra live, attend one of our LA shows (NEXT SHOW SOON). Tickets:

Or attend one of our Austin shows, too, as we recently formed a second incarnation of The Mortified After School Orchestra in that city!

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