Thursday, July 20, 2006

Newsweek gets Mortified

A while back, we got a call from the nice people at Newsweek saying they wantred to do a piece on Mortified. We replied with something totally mature like "Um, really? Awesome!" The cool thing is that the germ for the story came from one of our die hard fans in LA telling a friend who told friend etc. who happened to be a reporter.

Flash forward: Newsweek just ran the story. We've posted a copy to our website's media section if you want to see. However, if you own a print copy, we can be identified as the story that is not about dead people, starving people or exploding buildings.

And as a clarification, the story also refers to a few other similar-minded shows in a manner that made them sound like they are produced by Mortified. Since a few people have asked, nope, we're not connected. We are the largest and longest running show of its kind. Hope that helps.

Anyway, the fact that this story came about as a direct result of our fans (and not our team's hustling) shows us just how awesome grassroots projects can truly be.

We are forever grateful to our amazing supporters and this is a great example. We hope to continue 'sharing the shame'. You guys rock.

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