Friday, January 26, 2007

Now Casting! Whip It Out, Sucka!

Did you know Mortified is always looking for new faces to help share the shame on stage? Well, we are. So tell your most fearless friends!

Mortified is revving up for a big ol' casting blitz. While we're looking for new faces to join the fun anywhere... we're sending out an extra special APB to our friends in BOSTON + CHICAGO. We have tons of fans attending our events in these cities but we're in need of a new infusion (especially dudes) of performers.

- Did you write crappy rap/rock lyrics?
- Did you wretched poems?
- How about meldoramatic scripts or short stories?

Whip out your worst childhood words (journals, poems, lyrics, stories, scripts, letters) and submit a request at the URL below. Open casting-- any race, gender, profession, age, shoe size, balding status, etc.

You are guaranteed to play to an always a supportive and always soldout crowd. And yes, if you live in LA or NYC too, we need you too.


In fact, we recently overhauled our whole site and just re-launched the casting page today with MUCH more helpful info about our strange little process. Check it out. See you soon.

Your friends at,


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