Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sascha Rothchild Enters the Ninja

Many of our fans may recall Sascha Rothchild. She's being involved in Mortified since show #1 and, over the years, we've mined many of her wonderfully debaucherous journals for our stage show.

One of these pieces (a selection we titled Miami Vices) landed on This American Life's radio show, greatest hits CD and eventually their TV series. It also appears in Mortified's first book, along with another piece that chronicles the summer of her first kiss.

But for those who aren't satisfied simply hearing Sascha's sordid tales of teenage lust... you are in luck. Sascha's tales of adult lust (and other adventures) are now chronicled in LA Weekly, where she is now a rotating columnist.

Her first piece tackles her courtship of an American ninja. While it doesn't feature any underage sex or drug use (or references to Michael Dudikoff for that matter), we think you'll enjoy it just as much.

Congratulations to Sascha. We're envious and proud.

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