Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Awesome Show Alert: Dead Moms Don't Hug

For those of you in Los Angeles in May, Mortified alum Ariane Price has a fascinating show scheduled. The show features Ariane reading aloud passages from both her own teenage journals... as well as the teenage journals of her mother, who passed away when Ariane was a child. If you're a fan of Mortified's mix of pathos and humor, our guess is that this project's darkly funny sensibilities will be up your alley too.

A poignant comedy about figuring out how to become a woman and a mother myself... with out my own mom. From losing my virginity in a converted garage underneath a Whitesnake poster, to the horrors of the Brazilian Bikini wax.

The Groundling's Theater
May 20 & May 27
Runtime: under an hour

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