Friday, September 11, 2009

There Is Nothing Mortifying about "Troop Beverly Hills"

If her wonderful work on PopWaffle offers any indication (let alone her visuals for the intro to our web series), frequent Mortified collaborator Erika Brooks Adickman is a very talented lass. Now she's launching something brand new.  And yes, it's for real. Behold...

Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience
Monday October 5th, 8pm
@ King King

According to the event's official site, the TBH's 20th anniversary celebration is  going to be "a sing-a-long, dance-a-long, quote-a-long, and if we're lucky, Shelley Long." What other movie could have a cast that somehow paired a young Carla Gugino, Kellie Martin, Tori Spelling, and (whuh?!) rocker Jenny Lewis. Become an honorary Wilderness Girl and expect to see some fun in-person cameos from members of the movie's cast and crew. Oh, Mary Gross, we can only hope this includes you.

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fsaaa said...

My very first date, like ever, was to see this in the theater.