Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dear San Fran Fans...

There's just no other way to say it. So here goes...

Mortified SF
needs dudes. Straight dudes. Gay dudes. Asexual Morrissey-type dudes. It really doesn't matter. We just need dudes.

While Mortified SF 's always-sold-out events are packed with both genders in the audience, we're a bit perplexed that (of all ALL cities) our SF show curiously lacks males on stage.

So this is our mighty cry to America's other city of brotherly love. Calling all dudes. Mortified needs more male performers in San Francisco.

If you have a penis and want to make lots of people laugh by reading aloud your actual childhood writings (journals, letters, lyrics, poety, schoolwork, etc) at a stage show that's been praised by the likes by The Onion, This American Life, Jane, SF Bay Examiner, LA Times, SF Weekly, Metro New York, Boston Globe, etc... this is your chance to take part in an utterly unique comedy experience.

Wanna learn about Mortified's unique casting process? Great. We'd love to hear your very worst!

Just visit: http://www.getmortified.com/audition.

Tell your friends. Share the shame.

Oh. And yes. We are still looking for any gender in any city. This is just a more specific APB. In short, if you got boobs or live elsewhere, we'd love to hear your stuff.


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