Monday, November 27, 2006

Le Today Show

T-minus several minutes for before I leave for ye olde 30 Rock. Or is it Studio 60. I forget these days.

Anyway, a free Mortified shirt goes to the person who correctly predicts just how many seconds in it will take before I accidentally puke on Al Roker due to nervousness. My wager? 6.

See ya on TV.


ps: until we update our website's press page, check out the fun that went down here:


Anonymous said...

Good Job on the Today show! I've never heard of this until now. Its funny to know, I'm not the only one with journals like this! Trust me,being the "only" gay boy in Kansas comes with some crazy stories, so in my case, it was a diary :P
--anthony g.3

Anonymous said...

No, you totally rocked....You were calm, humorous, and down to earth!
I actually read an article on Mortified and now I feel there is meaning for keeping all of my weepy journals and my earth shattering 5th grade crush on Fred Savage!

Jenn said...

You were adorable! I think Al liked you playful TV tease...