Friday, November 10, 2006

Mortified Reborn

Light up your Jesus candles! Mortified has officially become born again!

We're back from a major blog hiatus in order to unleash the following new and improved Mortified goodies. Now loaded with even more tasty angst!

We've got a new book, a new website (thanks Dan!) and tah dah... even our debut animated short!

The animated project is one that we've been wanting to launch for a long, long time now. We're thrilled with the result and hope you are too. The short is directed by Bill Barmisnki, an acclaimed multimdia artist who has done pretty stellar work for names like Baz Luhrmann, Absolut, The Damned and now... Mortified.

To view the short, you can see it on MySpace, YouTube etc. And it can also be seen on the Mortified Short Bus.


- Dave, Neil, Giulia, Scott, Brandy, Annette, Abby, Heather, Krista, Anne, Shay, Jenny and Everyone at Mortified

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